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Our three different Locations are on two different continents in three different waters. All in all our spots couldn't be more different. I think they are just the perfect combination and supplement to each other - no matter which sense of taste or time of the year you will alwaysfind the perfect spot for you. You can just relax, receive impressions, learnnew things or get pure action. This is how we can offer 365 days of unique Kite-, Windsurf-, SUP- and Surf-sessions. 

Boavista - Cape Verde Islands, Atlantic, November, 1st 2018 - April, 30th 2019

Soma Bay - Egypt, Red Sea open 365 days

Capo Reamol - Lake Garda - Italy, March24th, 2018 - November, 4th 2018


All our centers are licensed by VDWS.

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Wind & Weather Boavista

Wind & Weather Soma Bay

Wind & Weather Lake Garda


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