Lake Garda

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Lake Garda / Capo Reamol

For me Lake Garda is one of the best spots in Europe. Not only freestyle windsurfing got born here also kiters have been seen from the beginning of the sport on the lake. The reason is that the lake delivers one of the safest wind conditions in whole europe. Lake garda is a tarn, just a couple of meters above sea level. The steep mountains right next to the water support the wind from the north in the morning and the wind from the south in the afternoon. These high mountains surrounding the lake are also characteristic for the beautiful scenery where the atmosphere around the lake changes from minute to minute.

You probably can tell from my words, I already got caught by the lake with its mediterranian climate 20 years ago and it never let go of me ever since. In 2016 we had the opportunity to open this Windsurf- and Kitestation at the famous Hotel Capo Reamol. 
This chance had to be taken because there is no other spot at the whole lake that is blessed with more wind than the CAPO.

My team around Pim van den Heuvel and me is running our small but pretty center in an very informal atmosphere.