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Soma Bay

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When I came to Egypt for the first time in 2001, I landed in Soma Bay and had the privilege of sharing this unique spot with just a few other surfers. Even back then, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the spot and the sensational water colors. Even though Egypt does not have much to offer on land, the water is absolutely awesome. A few years later, I was allowed to explore and extensively test the spot for Planet Allsports, quickly realizing that it was one of the best shallow water spots in the world - for windsurfers AND kiters. It's the perfect combo spot.

But what fascinates you in total? For me it is the crystal clear water, partly mirror-smooth water without chopper waves and in some areas of the bay a short but steep wave in which you can shoot out clean. In addition, somethimes flying fish are crossing your course or rays are gliding underneath you. Not to mention the extremely good wind yield that is hard to beat anywhere in the world. AND warm water. There is nothing better if you do not have to torture yourself into the neo and still get out of the water freezing after 3-4 hours.

A good 16 years later, in autumn 2017, I had the pleasure to shoot our new
Goya and Quatro products together with my friend Helmut and my friend and photographer Max Kroneck. A week full of gas wind between 20 and 35 knots, sun, summer, beach and sea were the guarantee for some as I find sensational pictures!

If you are looking for a spot perfect for kiting or windsurfing, no matter what level, whether beginner or pro and you want absolute laboratory conditions then this is the place to be for you.

I look forward to your visit and wish you a lot of fun kiting and windsurfing in Soma Bay.

Your Felix Quadfaß

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